Barrel Factory (iPhone)




Turn back the clock to the 1980's with the third in our retro game series and re-live the magic of the LCD handheld revolution with Barrel Factory. A simple yet extremely addictive game play that is perfect for casual and advanced gamers alike.

You are a worker trying to safely transport barrels from the belt to the trucks.  Barrels are placed on the belt by two very demanding bosses that are going to test your limits.  Use the elevators to go between levels and release the barrels from the hoppers.  Get the barrels into the truck without letting them get backed up or you will lose a life. Lose three lives and it is game over.  

Play the game at a normal speed in Game A or try the challenge of Game B.  Be warned, Game B is not for the faint of heart as more barrels will be coming down the conveyers belts faster than normal.



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